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Internet of Things – Sectoral Overview

The presentation introduces general information about IoT principle and sectoral overview on IoT for developers. The content of this presentation is as below:

  • What is Internet of Things?
    • Features of Things: Aware, Autonomous and Actionable
    • IoT Components & Layers (IBM IoT Model)
    • Past, Today and Future
    • Gartner’s Hype Cycle
  • IoT Sectoral Overview
    • IoT Industries
    • IoT Platforms
    • IoT Sector Map
    • IoT Landspace 2016
    • IoT Technology Focus
    • IoT Concerns
    • IoT Operating Systems
    • IoT Programming Languages
    • IoT Connectivity Technologies
    • IoT Messaging Protocols
    • IoT Industial Connectivity Technologies
    • IoT Could Services
  • IoTxTR –

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